Have you ever wondered how much the necklace you inherited from your grandmother is actually worth?

Are you trying to sell a piece of jewelry and aren’t sure what the asking price should be?

Did you know that the value of your jewelry can change over time?

Did you make an impulsive  jewelry purchase and want to find out if you paid a fair price?

Did you know that most homeowner’s insurance policies have limits on the replacement value of a single piece of jewelry? Further, most homeowner’s policies also limit reimbursements of a total loss of your entire collection...

Having your jewelry appraised by a knowledgeable and reputable jeweler, such as the owner of a jewelry store that is entering it’s 6th decade in business, will answer your questions (and that of your insurance agent or claim adjuster). Our expert appraiser, Brian Holman, can provide you with an appraisal on any piece of jewelry for which you need more information.

Appraisals are beneficial for insurance purposes to provide you with a tool in ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage.  Often policy riders,  endorsements, or an additional policy may be needed to protect your investment from theft or loss due to natural disaster. We aren’t insurance professionals and can’t speak to what type of coverage you would need, but we can help you by providing you with appraisals on your jewelry collection to ensure you are better prepared discuss your insurance requirements with a licensed insurance agent.

We recommend that you have your jewelry appraised every 3 years to ensure an appropriate value is assessed given market fluctuations impact the replacement cost of your jewelry. Unlike your car which depreciates in value the minute you drive it off the sales lot, jewelry usually increases in value the longer you own it, especially when it is well maintained.

Holman Jewelers charges $30 per item appraised and provides a professional certificate of appraisal with a colored HD photo detailing our findings and the current value of your jewelry. Typical turnaround time for our appraisal service is 2 to 4 business days, but keep in mind if you bring in a lot of items, it may take longer. Please consider calling ahead at 615.384.3762 or email us at Brian@holman-jewelers.com for scheduling, though walk-ins are always welcome.